Stewart Borden

Theatre Reviewer
The Reading Salon

Trans-Meditations and Other Queeries
Buddies In Bad Times Theatre

Rainbow Railroad Refugee Support Team

Film/Video Projects
Hamlet in a Hot Tub (the movie)
Original score, sound, camera work (drone operation, on/off set).

What’s It Like? (the movie
Original Score (composed opera sung by Helene DuCharme), sound.

Cracking The Case Of The Golden Purse
In Your Pocket, Inside Out Film Festival, Ontario Arts Council. 2017), Paul Bellini: Original disco music.

Lost & Found On The Q Train (In Your Pocket, 2016), Shirley U Jest): Acting, music, camera work.
Being Enza Anderson (documentary, 2015): Camera work, original music.
Werk. Fierce. Ovah. AVIANCE! (documentary, 2015): Camera work, original music.
An Evening With The Impostors (Inside Out, 2014): Original music
Kijiji Connections (In Your Pocket, 2014): Music
My Sex is Genderless (In Your Pocket, 2013): Music
Death of a Bathhouse (Inside Out, 2013): Original music
Webseries Theme Songs: Behind The Seams, Drag Closet, AmusemeTV, Reading Salon.
Outland (won the Hart House Student Film award): Original music
Other Arts Related Projects:
Upright Citizens Brigade (NYC) – Improv 101.
Trans-Meditations and Other Queeries (Buddies)
Andrea Houston’s Queer Russian Video Cabaret, at videofag (in response to the Sochi Olympics).
We’re Not Programmed For Shame – World AIDS Day, VideoFag. Live music to film and performance.
Hamlet in a Hot Tub (the play): Buddies in Bad Times, Peterborough Pride, various other location.
What’s It Like (the play, 2017): Buddies in Bad Times, ukulele
Raid: Operation Soap (2016): Buddies in Bad Times, official Pride Programming. Music.
Coming Out Queer (2015): Buddies in Bad Times, Original Music.
World Pride Human Rights Conference (2014): Video documentation of artists and activists, score.
Dignity Initiative Summary Video (2014): Music.
Nuit Rose: Pulp Lounge, Hamlet in a Hot Tub
Fermata (CD, 2016): Recorded piano selections from Chopin and Beethoven.
Pulp Loung (CD, 2015): Original music and performances from Pulp Lounge Nuit Rose show.
Planet Yumeee! Weekly Internet Radio show focussed on LGBT issues. Reading Salon Radio.
Nikibasika (Ugandan Youth Home), PWA (Bike Rally, 10yrs, won top 5 fundraiser several years), Yonge
Street Mission. My band volunteers for any charity event for free – we have helped raise $1m+ and have
volunteered with the following charities: Youth Trails Initiative, Human Rights Watch, CAMH, Leave out
Violence, Wellspring Support Centres, Classroom Connections, Integra Foundation, Canadian Blood
Services, Alzheimer Society, Movember.
Brendan Wood International (Financial Services Consulting): Parter, client presentations, product
development, database management, survey analysis. Sold my interest in 2014.
Kitchen Tidbits (What I learned at Culinary School): Authored this book released in 2016. All proceeds
donated to the Nikibasika Youth Project – Uganda.
Software: Logic X, Final Cut Pro, WordPress, InDesign, SQL, Crystal Reports, HTML, SPSS, .xls, .doc.